Concrete Screw Kit

These handy and reusable concrete screws are used in conjunction with Pacific Formliner Wire Kits to secure Pacific Formliner to concrete and masonry surfaces.The screw kit includes 70 – 3/16” x 3-1/4” hardened steel screws, 70- 1-1/4” Fender Washers, and 1- 5/32” x 5-1/2” carbide tipped concrete drill bit. To use first position the Formliner in the desired location, while holding the formliner in place drill a hole thru the lower portion of Formliner and into the concrete/masonry using the drill bit provided. Drill the hole approximately 1-1/2” into the concrete/masonry. Next position a fender washer onto a screw, place it thru the Formliner and into the hole and tighten as necessary. Continue this operation along the entire length of the Formliner spacing the screws from 6” to 18” on center as required to secure the form in place. It is always best to position a screw within a few inches of the ends. Now that the lower portion of the Formliner is secure, start placing the twist to break wires (PCI Wire Kit) along the upper portion of the Formliner, spacing them from 6” to 18” on center as necessary to secure the form. During placement of the concrete always check and verify that the form is properly secured to maintain the desired alignment. After the concrete has sufficiently set and will maintain its shape, twist to break the wire ties, and unscrew and remove the screws, setting them aside for future use. Now carefully remove the Formliner starting at one end and proceed with the final finishing operations.