Double Sided Tape

This Multi-Purpose Double Coated Cloth Tape offers a convenient method for attaching Pacific Formliner to any relatively smooth surfaces such as tile, wood, fiberglass and metal. This double-sided tape is commonly used on tiled and fiberglass pools in conjunction with Pacific Formliner Wire Kits. Other uses include poured in place counter top applications and attaching multiple formliners together to create a large profile. Surfaces should be dry and free of oils, waxes and compounds that might prevent proper adhesion. Always test a sample area first. Double-Sided tape is best used in conjunction with other methods for securing Formliner in place. Remember, careful concrete placing methods will help insure that your forms stay in place while pouring. After the concrete has sufficiently set and will maintain its shape, start at one end, slide a margin trowel and carefully pry the Formliner to separate it apart and proceed to peel away the entire length. Now you can proceed with the final finishing operations.

1-1/2 inches wide x 75 feet long